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India – Maldives relations based on trust: Ambassador Sunjay Sudhir 

The Ambassador said India does not expect anything in return from the Maldives and that the relationship both countries have enjoyed for over 50 years is a non-reciprocal one. He asserted that in a friendship based on trust, there are no expectations. 

He said the  upcoming year marks 55 years of friendship, but the past one year has been very intense since President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih was sworn in. 

Sunjay Sudhir also highlighted that four meetings in one year between President Solih and PM Modi, shows the importance placed on the relationship by both countries. 

He said  there has been a flurry of activities and engagements within a month since the new government took over and the economic backing of USD 1.4 billion provided immediate grant support to the Maldivian economy. 

The ambassador highlighted that so many projects have been initiated under the grant aid, which will become visible after a while. 

Describing the past week as “the week of Maldives in India”, Sudhir highlighted that about 31 Maldivians participated in the sixth Joint commission meeting that took place in New Delhi. 

Responding to some claims that there is a hidden agenda behind the MoUs and agreements, the Indian ambassador added that in today’s world of “transparency” there cannot be anything hidden and India respects President Solih’s trust in transparency.

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