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India has taken a lead in environmental protection: PM in Mann Ki Baat

He termed it as an innovative exercise to fulfil the dreams of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. During his monthly radio broadcast, the Prime Minister spoke to Ripudaman Belvi who has started this initiative.During their conversation, Belvi shared his ideas about this unique initiative.

PM Modi also urged people to participate in Run For Unity in large numbers on the 31st of October to mark the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Highlighting the need to shun single-use plastic, the Prime Minister said the entire world is looking towards India as a model example. 

India has taken a lead in environmental protection. PM Modi expressed confidence that people will join the campaign for liberation from the menace of single-use plastic on 2nd of next month. The Prime Minister also called upon people to quit tobacco and not harbour misconceptions about e-cigarettes, to build a healthy India.  

He said tobacco addiction tramples the dreams of families and wastes lives of children and this habit should not take root in the society. He said people understand the dangers of common cigarettes but have misconceptions about e-cigarettes that they pose no danger. He added that e-cigarettes contain many harmful chemicals which have a serious effect on health. 

The Prime Minister said younger generation is the country’s future and that is why the government banned e- cigarettes. He said this new form of intoxication can destroy the demographically young country. PM Modi said all addictions have to be avoided to realise the goal of Fit India.

The Prime Minister urged people to highlight the achievements of their daughters by using hashtag #BHARAT KI LAXMI on social media on the lines of “Selfie with daughter”, which spread globally. He said daughters are regarded as Laxmi in Indian culture and asked people to organize programmes to felicitate daughters in villages, towns and cities this Diwali.

PM Modi said the festival season has begun with the advent of Navaratri today. He asked people to be generous this season and give away excess items which they no longer require. He said such items could be allocated for ‘Delivery Out’. 

In many cities, NGOs have formed Startups to collect clothes, sweets, food from homes to hand these over to needy people. PM Modi said happiness should co-exist with joy this festive season and festivals should bring the aroma of collectiveness and communal harmony. 

He said symbiotic living provides people with renewed vigour and the festive season is the symbol of the culmination of this renewed vigour. The Prime Minister again asked people to visit 15 tourist places in the country to observe, understand and experience India and its diversity. He expressed happiness that India’s ranking in the Travel and Tourism Competitive Index has jumped to 34 from 65 in the last five years. 
PM Modi called upon students, teachers and parents to come up with their experiences and suggestions on aspects of stress-free exams. He said he will try to incorporate these suggestions in a new edition of Exam Warriors. 

The Prime Minister gave the example of US Open runners up, Daniil Medvedev, saying the simplicity and maturity displayed by the 23- year-old after he suffered defeat at the hands of tennis legend Rafael Nadal is inspirational. 

The Prime Minister stressed the qualities of humility and simplicity at the face of defeat. In his address, PM Modi shared his conversation with legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar, saying she is earnestly concerned and eager about the progress being made by India.

The Prime Minister said India has not only been the birthplace of extraordinary people, but also the land of their karma. He said it is a matter of pride that on 13th of next month, Pope Francis will declare Sister Mariam Thresia a saint. He added that Sister Mariam Thresia, in her short lifespan of 50 years, worked for the good of humanity, thus becoming a noble example for the entire world. 

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