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India, B’desh to collaborate on making film on Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

The meeting focussed on various aspects of making the feature film on the founder of Bangladesh, co-production of which had earlier been announced by the prime ministers of both countries.

India and Bangladesh, though separated with geographical boundaries, share a lot of cultural, historical and social milieu.

Decades of close ties and partnership on various levels of socioeconomic aspects have kept those strings of commonness very much intact.

India played an important role in the war of liberation of Bangladesh, under the leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, who is reknwoned as Bangbandhu and Bangaldeshis admire him as the Father of the Nation.

As a tribute to the legendary personality, Bangaldesh and India have entered a joint venture to produce a feature film on the life of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman and a documentary on war of liberation of Bangladesh.

The responsibility of the film lies on the shoulders of veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal and his long time associate Atul Tiwari, who is writing the script of the movie.

The erstwhile Bengal was divided in East and West Bengal in 1905 and the East Bengal would later become Modern day Bangladesh post-1971.

Famous scientist JC Bose and legendary filmmaker Satyjit Ray are well known personalities who were born in parts of Bengal in undivided India.

But even though geographical boundaries were drawn over the last century, people across the border still fondly remember famous places and eminent personalities of Bengal on both the sides and keep tracing common social ties.

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