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Iconic luxury heritage jewellery brand from India becomes “Royalty’s Favourite ”

Founded by ‘” The Silver King of India “ Seth Kistoor Chand Boochra in 1897 as a Bullion Trading Company.It was only in 1960 when his Visionary son Seth Lalit Kumar Boochra saw an opportunity and converted it into a Jewellery Manufacturing Company.

The company is Managed by Neeta Boochra – Director, Sangeeta Boochra – Director and Designer  and Abhineet Boochra – Director.

The brand has been loved by the Royal Families of the World , Industrialists , Politicians , Celebrities. Her Highness Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II of England , Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur , Royal Family of Patiala , Nizam of Hyderabad , Royal Family of Rajkot , Royal Family of Kota , Wadiyar Dynasty of Mysore , Royal Family of Baroda – the Gaekwad Dynasty ,  John . F. Kennedy President of United States to Hollywood Celebrities Meryl Streep , Julia Roberts , Sofia Vergara , Monica Bellucci , Salma Hayek , Audrey Hepburn to Bollyowood Celebrities like Deepika Padukone , Aishwarya Rai , Priyanka Chopra , Vidya balan , Alia Bhatt.

It would be impossible to argue that “ SANGEETA BOOCHRA “ is the most famous designer of Jewellery. Her strength is her ability to read the times and the moods that changed them — and usually do so before anyone else did. 

Abhineet Boochra, the Director of the Company says, It is our 4th Generation in this business and we have been one of the early few to have come up with this position in our organization in order to serve our goals in a better way.
There are various jewellery brands in the market , yet your brand is the only brand from India to have the maximum awards, added Abhineet.
The brand was founded on the ground principal of Quality and Trust , it has been more then 125 years now since our inception – the brand’s Good Will is very strong in the market with Master Craftsmen , Artisans , Bankers , Employees , Partners and Clients.
The company’s product are shipped every 9th day from our factory, it takes us 10 days to produce any kind of design in Mass Quantity and Ship to the respective stores or clients worldwide on the 14th day. This is by far the fastest in our industry.
Designer and Brand Sangeeta Boochra / Silver Centrre has been recognized on several occasions for their contribution to the Jewellery Industry and has won several accolades and awards which includes : 

– 1995 : Highest Sales to Domestic Tourist.


– 1997 : Highest Sales in Silver Jewellery Category.


– 1999 : Pioneer to comply with No Child Labour in Factory. 


– 2000 : 100% Environment Friendly Factory by Govt of India.


– 2001 : Fastest Growing Brand of the Year.


– 2003 : 100% Compliance to Fair Trade Practice.


– 2004: Best Jewellery Designer in Retail Category.


– 2005: Jewellery Design of the Year – Vicenza , Italy


– 2006: Best Innovative Design of the Year – Bahrain


– 2007: Jewellery Designer for Modern Silver Jewellery.


– 2008 : Most Popular Designer of the Year – TUS
            Designer of the year – PESITS


– 2009 : International Design Award for Uneven Contemporary Jewellery.
            IFCA Design Award for the Best Packaging in Jewellery.


– 2010: Bespoke Jewellery of the Year.


– 2011: Emerging Jewellery Brand of the Year.


– 2013 : APT Award for Best Visual Merchandising of the Year – UTD


            Highest Standard in Rhodium Plating on any Jewellery – FIELDER


– 2014: Jewellery Designer of the Year.


– 2015: Multichannel Retailer of the Year.
           Outstanding Performance for Community Development – UPRIZE
           Brilliance in Society Development and Women Empowerment – DeDori


– 2016 : Innovative and Creative Individuals whose work best reflects Environmental Concerns –   GreenWorld
            Outstanding Designer of the Year with NO Child Labor – KriKow
            Best Interior Design of a Store for the Year – Kompass’oro


– 2017: Retailer of the Year – 6 Stores and more Category.
           INTAP most Popular Jewellery Designer of the Year.
           Management and Successful Implementation of Design in Processes – QANT


– 2018 : Most innovative Jewellery Brand of the year by International Association of Travel and Leisure.
            Most Worn and Loved Brand of the Year by Leisure and Crafts.
            Paulman Awards for the Fastest Growing Brand of the Year.


– 2019 : Grapher Hall of Fame Award.
            Highest Production in Silver Jewellery –  Iconic Design Award
            Excellence in Jewellery Design – NTA

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