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IAF’s C17 plane flies to Lebanon with 58 MT of emergency humanitarian aid including medical, food supplies

Informing the development External affairs minister S Jasahankar in a tweet said that ‘India demonstrates solidarity with the people of Lebanon in the aftermath of the tragic explosions in Beirut.”

Earlier, expressing solidarity with the crisis-hit Lebanon, India’s permanent representative to United Nations, T S Tirumrti in a statement had said that “As a country with which India has had traditionally close and historical relations I would like to express our solidarity with Lebanon at this juncture.”

 In a statement on the humanitarian aid to Lebanon, the permanent representative had informed that India is immediately sending more relief and humanitarian material of medicines; foodstuff and other essential items alleviate the difficulties on the ground. “The Indian government is also discussing with Lebanon on ways to contribute further” Tirumurti added.

The explosion at the Beirut Port on August 4th has almost wiped out the neighbourhood, leaving about 2,50,000 people homeless, destroying business centers, and burning down grain stockpiles. It is estimated that the blast has wiped out up to 25% off of the country’s GDP

To tide over the struggling Lebanese, the world community has come together in solidarity. French President Emanuel Macron was one of the first global leaders to visit Beirut immediately after the blast. Many countries and international aid organisations have sent tonnes of essential supplies for the people of Lebanon. An international donor conference was also held on Sunday, which was hosted by the French President and attended by global leaders including US President Donald Trump and 15 other heads of state. The leaders pledged approximately $300 million in aid to Lebanon with a caution that transparency must be ensured in using the aid.

In the aftermath of Beirut blast, earlier this week, the present Lebanese government has also resigned after violent protests erupted across the country blaming the government of corruption and mismanagement of the economy, to make space for a new government.

Report by Abhishek Jha

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