Wednesday , June 23 2021
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Hypertask through the Day with WattaMonster Galaxy M21

Powerful battery, great cameras and stunning screen – the new Galaxy M21 has it all.


Samsung’s latest Galaxy M smartphone continues the legacy of combining powerful specs and consumer-centric innovations into an attractive package for India’s young millennials and Gen Z consumers.


As you work from home, enjoy the most with WattaMonster.


WattaBattery: With an unmatched 6000mAh battery, listen to non-stop music, make video calls and share ideas through the day and night


WattaDisplay: Enjoy your favourite content in HD with stunning 16.21cm (6.4”) Super AMOLED display


WattaCamera: Capture your #WorkFromHome moments with powerful 48MP main+ 8MP ultra wide+ 5MP depth camera


WattaFeature: Explore the ‘Make for India’ Alive Intelligence features like Multilingual Typing, Finder and Smart Crop that are designed to help you live a fast and organized life



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