Thursday , October 21 2021

How Sir Isaac Newton Discovered Gravity While Working From Home

Who would have thought we will see a global pandemic in the 21st century? But here we are witnessing everything. Coronavirus is a deadly virus that initially originated in Wuhan, China but knows has spread to almost every country, to every city, to every place where life exists. The government of almost all the countries has implemented lockdown in their respective countries because there is no vaccine or medicine available to cure this disease. So, lockdown is the precautionary major that can lower the spread of coronavirus.

Due to the shutdown, many organizations have asked their employees to work from home. We asked an employee at for a comment on how it is to work from home. The comment turned in to something more so here is the full article.

At first, it is really exciting that you are going to work from home, but with time this excitement fades away. But what if tell you, it was this quarantine that led to the discovery of Gravity and major theories regarding motion?

Just like the people all over the world are working from home to prevent the spread of coronavirus, once great scientist Sir Isaac Newton also had to work from home during the Bubonic plague. It was during that time that he developed his theories of calculus, optics, and even gravity.

Sir Isaac Newton Work From Home!

Sir Isaac Newton was a renowned physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and is considered one of the most influential individuals in the advancement of human knowledge. He wrote the famous book called Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica which was published in 1687. He is also widely and popularly known for his theories on the law of gravitation.

Sir Isaac Newton obtained his bachelor’s degree from Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1665, and was going to continue his education. But due to the outbreak of Bubonic plague all over England, precautions were taken, and the University was temporarily closed. So, Isaac Newton was working from home. Ironically, while his time actually working at college was “undistinguished”, Newton’s time working at home were his most productive years and would alter the course of science.

We all must be familiar with the story of how Newton discovered gravity. But it is interesting to know that he saw the fall of apple while he was working from home due to the pandemic outbreak. Isaac Newton got the opportunity to be in his garden because he was working from home. And though this story may not be entirely true, Newton claims it was this time when he watched an apple fall from a tree, and only after that he was inspired to formulate his theory of gravity.


So, if you’re working from home, take some inspiration from Isaac Newton and make the most of it, whether that means working hard or spending more time with loved ones at home. Although you don’t need to discover gravity, you can make the most of it. Who knows? Maybe someone sitting at home right now is about to change the world for the better. Or maybe you are that someone, so stay at home and stay safe and invent things for the betterment of the society.

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