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Homegrown world-class equipment set to revolutionize domestic badminton market

How it is then possible that India’s sports goods manufacturers lag’s behind?

India’s first-ever homegrown professional badminton brand “Transform” is leading from the front for the Make In India initiative. Indian players will finally have the Make In India which will give a sense of pride when they go out to represent the country.

Made out of the military grade graphite, Transform racquets have the best weight to strength ratio which is at par with the best racquets available in the market and that are currently imported from abroad for playing in India.

It will be the first time Badminton will see an Indian company manufacturing world-class badminton racquets and other accessories at an affordable price compared to the existing brands for the sports and fitness enthusiasts.

Led by the promoter, Ram Malhotra, said “extensive R&D has gone into to perfect the quality of all the racquets and they have been tested in the country’s elite testing centre for quality and class compared to the available brands in the market. It not only promote atmanirbharta but as a unique Indian brand will help to give a sense of pride to the players and sporting enthusiasts every time they buy the brand and play to transform change.  

Global sports industry market size is pegged at 489 billion US Dollar in 2019 while it is expected to touch 614 billion US dollar according to spots industry confederation. India’s sports apparel industry is pegged at 12,000 crore in the country.

Thus it will be a huge opportunity to tap in the market which can provide not just foreign exchange in terms of exports but also can provide job opportunities under the make in India initiative. 


Tapas Bhattacharya’s report

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