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High drama during filing of nominations for RCA elections

Jaipur, Oct 2 (udaipur kiran) A high voltage political drama was witnessed at the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) office on Wednesday on the last day of filing nominations for its elections. Rameshwar Dudi, President of the Nagaur Cricket Association who was disqualified from participating in the polls on Tuesday, came to file his nomination papers against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlots son Vaibhav Gehlot for the President’s post, after being supported by Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal.

However, by 4.30 p.m., he was declared disqualified thereby paving the way for Vaibhav to be elected the RCA President unanimously.

Earlier, Beniwal on Tuesday charged Ashok Gehlot with engaging in dirty politics and accused him of trying to remove Dudi. In his tweet, Beniwal appealed to RLP workers to come in high numbers to Jaipur’s Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Stadium to show their support to Dudi.

“The dictator chief minister of Rajasthan first tried to do political murder of Dudi after making him lose the Nokha polls in Assembly election and now to make his son win as RCA president, he is trying to push Dudi behind by getting his son elected in an undemocratic manner. This shall not be tolerated. RLP family members should come in large numbers to strategise further at SMS stadium,” he had said in his tweet.

As a huge crowd gathered at the stadium in the morning, massive police force was deployed there. The police had to resort to a batoncharge on the RLP supporters who came with Dudi. Finally, Dudi filed his nomination which was rejected in the evening by the concerned officials.

Dudi, alluding to the Mahabharat, said that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has become like Dhritrashtra who is only concerned about his son’s future and nothing else.

Speaking to the media, Dudi said: “The chief minister with CP Joshi, RCA president and Assembly speaker along with their team are overtly misusing the government machinery which each and every person of the state is watching. They are adopting dictatorship means while the electoral officer and their teams are flouting all norms. As the deadline to file nomination papers was 1 p.m., we were tried to be stopped via lathis and police. However, we came and filed our nomination.”

“On Tuesday, we appealed to the Lokpal which was the biggest body of the BCCI who abrogated the disqualification and allowed us to file the nomination. It clearly said that we have full right to cast our vote. However, surprisingly this government has no respect for the Lokpal. We shall take this fight to the Apex Court to bring forth the undemocratic moves of the CM and his team,” he added.

–udaipur kiran


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