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Saturday , November 18 2017
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Google Unveils Video Cloud Intelligence, Acquires Data Community Kaggle

Until not too long ago, an online quest for videos about tigers, for instance, depended on whether the search engine could find that word in the tags, keywords and other metadata associated with those videos. So if some joker decided to upload a video about cupcakes with lots of “tiger” descriptions, you might end up with the odd baking movie in your search results.

Machine learning, though, could eliminate such problems, and Google is now offering one such solution: the Cloud Video Intelligence API, currently in private beta. Unveiled yesterday during the kickoff of the three-day Google Cloud Next ’17 event in San Francisco, the application program interface (API) is the first of its kind to enable subject- and context-based searches of video content, according to Google.

Yesterday, Google also announced its acquisition of Kaggle, described as “the world’s largest community of data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts.” By joining forces with Kaggle, Google said it will be able to speed up efforts to advance and democratize the adoption of artificial intelligence.

‘Next-Gen Apps for Unstructured Data’

The Cloud Video Intelligence API is designed to enable developers who don’t have expertise in machine learning or computer vision to help users with large video catalogs better understand and identify the actual image content in their videos, Google said.

“This API is for large media organizations and consumer technology companies, who want to build their media catalogs or find easy ways to manage crowd-sourced content, and for partners like Cantemo to build it into their own video management software,” Google’s Fei-Fei Li wrote yesterday on the company’s Cloud Platform blog. Cantemo is a Sweden-based technology company that specializes in media asset management.

The video intelligence API joins Google’s growing set of interfaces for numerous tasks, including vision, speech, natural language, translation and jobs, said…


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