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Global COVID-19 cases surge over 45 lakh

The total number of coronavirus COVID-19 cases across 188 nations reached 4,500,476 and the death toll stood at 304,835 at 11.45 pm.

With the highest numbers both in positive cases and death toll, the US continues to remain the worst-hit with a total of 1,427,867 cases. It is followed by Russia with 262,843 cases, the UK with 238,001 cases, Spain with 230,183 cases, Italy with 223,885 cases.

With a massive jump, the US has witnessed the highest death toll across all the nations at 86,386, followed by the UK at 34,077, Italy at  31,610, Spain at  27,459 and France at 27,428.

US President Donald Trump said the US government would invest in all the top coronavirus vaccine candidates and said a list had been narrowed to 14 promising possibilities with a plan to narrow further. At an event in the White House Rose Garden, in which many administration officials wore masks but the president did not, Trump expressed his hope that a vaccine would be in place before the end of the year and said his administration would mobilize its forces to get a vaccine distributed once one was in place.

The reproduction rate of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom is now somewhere between 0.7 and 1.0, government scientific advisers said on Friday, a slight rise on figures given last week. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said last week the rate was 0.5 to 0.9. The government has said it will keep a close eye on the so-called `R` rate as it looks at how quickly to ease lockdown measures first introduced in March.

Russia`s coronavirus case tally rose above 260,000 on Friday, cementing its status as the country with the second-highest number of infections after the United States, as the city of Moscow began offering free antibody tests. 

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