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G20 Summit: ‘Digital Economy’ the focus on Day 1

The first day of the G20 summit 2019 saw digital economy taking the centre-stage, with world leaders expressing their willingness to expand on digital trade and open markets.

China came out as a strong advocate of the issue. Addressing his G20 counterparts, Chinese Premier Xi Jinping called for the establishment of a fair, just and non-discriminatory market environment.

Calling it necessary for growth of the civilisation the Japanese Prime Minister also came out in support of expansion of the digital trade. Digital economy is one of biggest agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for India.

The Prime Minister presented his “5-I” vision to maximise digital technology for social benefit in his intervention at the G20 Summit on digital economy and artificial intelligence.

The 5 ‘I’s are: Inclusiveness, Indigenisation, Innovation, Investment in infrastructure & International cooperation. The US President Trump emphasised on the security aspect of digital innovation saying that the countries should ensure resilience and security of the 5G networks.


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