Sunday , April 11 2021
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G20 Summit 2019: PM Modi attends Japan-America-India trilateral meeting

PM Modi met United States President Donald Trump for the first time post his re-election on the sidelines of the G20 summit. The two leaders held discussions on various issues including trade, economy, development, energy, and several others.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi setting a clear agenda for US-India ties under the Modi 2.0 government. President Trump in turn congratulated Prime Minister Modi for his massive win in the Lok Sabha Polls. Both leaders also discussed trade issues. PM Modi and President Trump were hopeful of a positive outcome on the trade issue.

On Iran the two leaders focussed on ways to ensure Iran and the region remain stable given the current situation. Instability in the region impacts India’s energy needs, economic ambitions as well as large diaspora there.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second engagement of the day was a meeting of the JAI Trilateral alongside Prime Minister Abe and President Trump. The meeting was a productive one. Extensive discussions on the Indo-Pacific region, improving connectivity and infrastructure development were held. Prime Minister Narendra Modi described JAI as a coming together of three democracies.

When three of the world’s most mature democracies come together around one table one can certainly expect a road map for global stability and achieving common good for all to emerge and that was exactly what one got to see in Osaka when PM Modi, PM Abe and President Trump met.

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