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Wednesday , November 22 2017
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Four die inside septic tank of a house in Udaipur

‘The death raised questions about the proper training of the workers & lack of provisions for safety equipments in the UMC’

Udaipur : Four persons including three sanitation workers died after being exposed to obnoxious gases inside the septic tank of a house in Ashok Vihar of Heerabagh colony in Udaipur on Sunday night. Two others were reported to be ill after coming in contact with the dangerous fumes. One of the workers had gone down to clean the tank but when he didn’t come out, two fellow workers got inside one after the other and were swooned. Later the house owner’s son too lowered himself and was choked. The rescue team pulled down the tank walls and drew out the victims who were rushed to the hospital, however, all of them were declared dead bymidnight. The death of the fourth class employees raised questions about the proper training of the workers but also the provision or lack thereof of safety equipments to them. The tragedy infuriated the Valmiki community and the aggrieved family members of the victims protested outside the morgue on Monday morning and refused to give in the bodies for autopsies claiming ex-gratia of 10 lakh rupees each. Sensing the situation, Udaipur Municipal Corporation and district administration authorities gave a written assurance to extend all support to the aggrieved families.

According to the police, the incident took place around 11pm on Sunday. Sanitation workers of the UMC were at Shyamlal Chittora’s house to clean the septic tank. Chittora had called for the mechanized cleaning two days ago, however, the machine couldn’t clear the silt deposited at the tank’s bottom hence requiring the need of manual labour. One after the other three men who entered the tank fell unconscious of the dangerous gases. The house owner’s son Vipin too lowered himself looking for the workers and was trapped. Panic gripped the area and rescue team was called which arrived after one hour. The tank walls were crumbled with the help of an excavator and the men were drawn out. The victims Vipin, Gopal, Rajkumar and Narendra were declared dead in hospital. Collector Rohit Gupta, SP Rajendra Prasad Goyal and officers consoled the aggrieved family members and assured support to them.


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