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FM Nirmala Sitharaman replies to discussion on Budget in both houses

Tuesday was the last last day of the first leg of the budget session of Parliament. It saw Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman replying to the discussion on the union budget in both houses.

She countered all the Opposition’s charges on the economy & dubbed the budget to be in the interest of the country..

First in the Lok Sabha, the Finance Minister rejected the Opposition’s charges of the economy being in trouble saying it’s in the hands of competent doctors & measures taken by the govt have started showing an uptick in the economy.

Expressing confidence about to 5 Trillion dollar economy goal by 2024-25. The FM said the govt will be spending 103 lakh crore rupees for infrastructure development in the next 4 years according to the National Infrastructure Pipeline.

She also said that the govt has taken sufficient steps to boost public and private investment apart from undertaking measures to hike consumption such as hiking 2019-20 minimum support price for rabi and kharif crops. 

She also provided data on how the govt’s steps to increase employment have borne fruit.

Discussion on the budget also held centre stage in the Rajya Sabha with several political parties participating.

While the Opposition expressed worries on the state of the economy, the treasury benches were full of praise for the budget.

When the Minister responded, she countered the Opposition’s misgivings.

The FM said the govt has been increasing outlay for women, children & the backward clases apart from different sections of society in each budget.

She said her govt will definitely not repeat the mistakes of the UPA era.

The first leg of the budget session is now over..It’s start on the 31st of January saw the President’s inaugural address to both houses of Parliament.

The Economic Survey was tabled the next day followed by the union budget on the 1st of February.

The discussion on the President’s address was robust.The PM reponded in both houses on the President’s address while the FM replied on the budget discussion.

3 bills were also tabled during the first leg of the budget session.

The one related to inclusion of some Karnataka tribes in the list of STs was also passed.

The 2nd leg of the budget session will begin on the 2nd of March and will be on till the 3rd of April.

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