Thursday , July 2 2020
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FM Arun Jaitley hails IMF report on Indian economy

Arun Jaitley tweeted: 

An analysis of what the IMF had to say in 2014 as against 2018 is very clear – high inflation, high fiscal deficit, high current account deficit, a standstill infrastructure, power sector, & allocation of natural resources.

We have come a long way. The last four years have seen a series of reforms, both legislative and otherwise, which have been carried out by the Government.  The system has been substantially cleaned up and made more transparent.

In the last 4 years decisiveness has led to easier decision making and made the economy stand out amongst several other countries. I would urge all to read these two IMF reports, the copy of which are now publically available, any reasonable person will concur with what I have said.


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