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Thursday , November 23 2017
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Find Your Calling in Namibia, Africa

While you might think that a vacation like an African Safari is only something for the wealthy elite, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that traveling somewhere like Namibia is something that can be done at a variety of price-points and even in a number of settings. That is if you are there and you want to tour Namibia solo, it can be done! Here are some points to consider if you are weighing the pros and cons of a Namibia tour!

One of the best ways to tour Namibia is by going on Safari! Many of the tours are offered by tribes who know their way around the outback. Safaris are a great way to get around and see many of the things which people strive to find in their Africa touring experience. One of the things you should be mindful of though is how the safari is “eco-ranked.” This is a figure attributed to different tours judging their impact on the eco-system. Because so many who live and exist in Africa still depend upon the spoils of the earth, there is a definite cachet attached to high eco-scores. At the same time if you are touring with a group who wrecks their environment and does not have a very high eco-score then you could be asking for backlash from locals. People here know who does right by the earth and who does not; this shows in reliance on these eco-scores.

If you are out in the outback it’s always best to be accompanied by someone you could share the experience with. Unfortunately though, for many people, finding someone who is willing and able and interested in doing the things that you want to do in Namibia or in Africa more broadly isn’t something that is all that easy to do. Lucky for you though there are several options for the solo traveler. There are groups who go out and have vacant “slots” on their tours. You could piggyback along with one of these groups for a portion of your time spent in Namibia. Another great option which many choose to exercise is the idea of traveling with an independent guide who can get you around to where you need to be and show you the ropes so you won’t get lost, injured or worse!

One thing you should also be mindful of when traveling in Namibia is that there are budget options available should you want to try them. The options for lodging in Namibia are varied and distinct. But you should see what is involved in these different lodging options and find out exactly what other travelers have had to say about them in the past. You could be asking for trouble if you don’t fully vet a more rustic lodging option. At the same token, you could be turning away a diamond in the rough just because of your own predispositions for or against a lodging option. 

Finally, there is the issue of safety. When you are traveling in and around the urban centers in Namibia you need not fear. There are many enforcement officers who will ensure your safety for your journey. But if and when you venture afield into the outback you are going to have to have someone with you who can navigate these delicate situations. As stated earlier there are many guides and such who can help you get from point A to point B but they don’t work for free. You need to pay them and do so fairly. You would hate to insult a native and find yourself on the negative end of a local’s wrath.

Of course, you need to do things which make sense for you and you need to plan these moves out accordingly before you hit the street. But if you behave smartly and use the resources at your disposal you may find a whole world you never really knew existed before. Get out and explore your world and find your calling in Namibia!


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