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Fate of Kumaraswamy govt. hangs in balance

The two independents flew to Mumbai, to join the 13 rebel Congress and JD(S) Legislators. They also extended their support to BJP.  BJP has demanded that Kumaraswamy must quit as his government has lost the majority.

Party state president B S Yeddyurappa says that now BJP has more members than the ruling coalition and the Congress-JDS govt must go.

Thereafter, the coalition government in Karnataka suffered another blow, following the resignation of Congress MLA, R Roshan Baig.

So far 15 MLA’s have resigned, which includes 11 from the Congress and 3 from the JD(S).

If accepted, the coalition government’s strength in the assembly would be reduced to 102 minus the Speaker against the halfway mark of 113. On the other hand, BJP’s strength as of now stands at 107.

Commenting on Baig’s resignation, Siddaramaiah says his resignation was also an anti-party move.

All eyes are now on the Speaker, who has to take a call on the resignations tendered by its MLAs of the Congress and the JD(S) from the Assembly..


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