Wednesday , December 1 2021

Families displaced by Mahi Dam project await rehabilitation after 40 years

Udaipur : Some twenty families who were displaced four decades ago in Banswara’s Katiyar village after their land was acquired by the government for the construction of Mahi Dam, are still awaiting rehabilitation. Hundreds of villagers from Katiyar on Monday met the Superintendent of Police,Banswara  and the district administration authorities seeking help in rehabilitation. The families were given compensation as well as they were allocated land in Bori Anjana village, some 50 kms away from Katiyar however some people who were already settled in the particular area , didn’t permit the displaced families to settle at their new alloted land. 

The families had to return to their ancestral village and settle there. ” Despite many reminders the authorities did not do any thing to clear the encroachment in Bori Anjana village and help the displaced families to settle. Meanwhile at Katiyar, the land of these families have been re-allocated to the Mewar Bhil Core which has started the process of shunting out the families. ” Two days ago the MBC team arrived with policemen and fell some ofthe huts of these families. They have been asked to clear the place as soon as possible this leaving the poor people in a lurch.

They have no place to go ” Hakru Maida, state vice president of the BJP Janjati Morcha told the media. The Katiyar families staged a protest outside the collectorate and gave memorandum to the officers demanding assistance in rehabilitation. Maida said that the SP has assured the villagers that he would ask the MBC to consider  the interest of the concerned families in the acquisition process while all help would be extended to the families to relocate in Bori Anjana village.

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