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Facebook launches third party fact checking in Bangladesh

Facebook in partnership with Boom Fact check will review and rate the stories, including photos and videos from Sunday.

In a statement issued on Sunday the News Partnership Director of Facebook Anjali Kapoor said that the fact checking will build a more informed community in the region.

Founder Editor of Boom Govind Ethiraj said in a statement that it will debunk misinformation on topics from health and medicine to current affairs so that Facebook users in Bangladesh are able to identify factual information and news online.

When third party fact-Checkers rate a post as false or fake, it will appear less or at the bottom of news feed. This will reduce the spread of the post.

In case a certain news item or post or video is suspected to lack authenticity, the third party fact checkers will write articles about the content which is shown in the related articles immediately below the story.

If a person shares a news or item with false information, they will receive a notification about its lack of authenticity.

Boom is an Indian fact checking website which is available in English, Hindi and Bengali.

Facebook started its fact-checking programme in 2016 and now it covers 60 partners in 50 languages.

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