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Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar pays tribute to forest Martyrs

Union Minister was speaking on Friday, as the country observes the 15th national forest martyr day, to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives in protecting the forests and wildlife across the country. 
The impressive biodiversity of the country is guarded by a dedicated workforce of Forest Officers and staff who relentlessly work towards the protection and improvement of this irreplaceable wealth.

Nearly 230 years after Khejarli massacre for the cause of forests and wildlife, National Forest Martyrs Day was observed to mark the exemplary valour and sacrifice made by the forest personnel. Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate change Prakash Javadekar paid tributes to 13 forest martyrs and acknowledged their families with digital certificates.

Union Minister said that forests are part of our cultural heritage and it is our duty to protect the flora and fauna of the country. Union Minister also stressed on the importance of forest laws and regulations. He added that strict actions will be taken against sand mafia to ensure sustainable environment.

He also urged the states to make stringent laws in order to fight the menace. Celebrating National Forest Martyrs Day is a way of giving due credit to those unsung heroes who laid their life to protect our environment. A salute to those heroic act.. 

Tapas Bhattacharya’s Report

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