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Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Energy drink & lotion for traffic cops in the offing

Udaipur : Manning traffic is not an easy feat specially in summer days as the Sun cast its burning rays overhead for prolonged hours.  With not even an inch of shade or shelter at most of the circles, traffic police are often heard complaining about the insensitivity of the department for not providing resources or facilities to make their task easy. However, this time, the cops would get in some relief. Though it may not give a perfect ‘thanda-thanda, cool-cool’ feeling but some supply of energy drink, citrus fruits and sunscreen lotion may help them to beat the heat in a better way. Keeping in view the soaring temperature, the police department is told to have sanctioned these benefits to the traffic wing across the state, though the orders are yet to be received in Udaipur.

EnergyDrink udaipur“ Controlling traffic is not at all an easy job. We work under continues pressure to keep smooth commutation in the city throughout the day” said Narpat Singh, Circle Inspecter (Traffic).  In Udaipur, there are 22 major traffic points where some 150 cops work daily in two shifts. “ Inhaling smoke emitted by the hundreds of vehicles passing every hour, heat stroke caused by the burning rays reduce working efficiency and hence the recent step of granting some benefits comes as a good news for the team” Singh said. Presently 8 lady constables are working in the traffic wing of which 5 are from Home Guards. “ Though we have not received the orders yet, but it will be implemented as soon as we get it” Singh said.  Energy drink, glucose or electral powder pouches, Amrit Dhara etc would be given to cops before getting into duty each day so that they could compensate for the loss of water from body under the scorching sun. Lady constables may be given sunscreen lotion to protect their sensitive skin from tanning. Besides these benefits, officers also keep in mind,  age and health factors of cops before assigning them duties. “ Rules do not permit considerations but generally, constables above 45 years or with certain health problems are given points with lesser traffic movement” said a senior officer. In a city where people are habitual of adhering   rules only when someone is watching, vigilance and strictness is expected from the team, he added.

However, traffic men in the lower cadre  feel seniors don’t care much. There is no ‘gumtis’ at most of the circles, we have to stand in the middle of the road under the burning sun, its so irritating sometimes, we cant explain, said a cop requesting anonymity. Drinking water, toilet etc are other petty issues which makes their job a pathetic ordeal, not to mention the health risks.


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