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Elections 2019: Phase -1 polling concludes

The fervour of voters from four corners of the country clearly visible. Women, men, the specially abled, the young and the old, all flocked to polling booths from early in the morning to cast their vote for the first phase of Lok Sabha polls

Voting for 91 of the 543 seats across 20 states and Union territories began at 7am. Apart from some sensitive polling booths, voting continued till 6pm. Those in queue after 6 were allowed to cast their vote.

Over 14 crore 20 Lakh voters sealed the fate of 1279 candidates in EVMs in this phase. More than 70,000 polling booths were set up to ensure free and fair polls.

Talking of the North East, Assam saw 68%(5 seats), Mizoram  60%(1 seat), Manipur 78.2%(1 seat), Nagaland 78% (1 seat), Sikkim 69%(1seat)  — Tripura saw 81.8%(1seat) voter turn out. 

Talking first of Andhra Pradesh, voting took place on all 25 seats at 4595 polling centres. The state saw sporadic violence with TDP and YSR Congress supporters clasing.

One Telugu Desam Party worker has been killed in a poll-related group clash in Anantapuramu district of Andhra Pradesh.

Technical glitches in EVMs delayed polling in several places.

In Guntakal, former MLA and contesting candidate of Jana Sena Party, Madhusudan Gupta, smashed an EVM in a fit of rage alleging that party symbols were not properly printed on the ballot unit.

All 17 seats of Telangana also voted in a single phase.

Naxal affected Bastar seat in Chattisgarh voted amidst tight security after Tuesday’s attack. The voter turn out till 3 pm was nearly 46 %

Moving to Uttar pradesh, 8 seats in West UP voted on Thursday. Nearly 1.5 crore voters sealed the fate of candidates on these seats.

Neighbouring state Uttarakhand voted in a single phase for 5 Parliamentary constituencies. The election commission ensured facilities to aid a good turn out.

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