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Dr. Harsh Vardhan inaugurates 10 bedded make shift Hospital for covid patients 

The make-shift hospital has been set up for demonstration purpose as well as for use of NDRF. It would serve the purpose for disaster recovery stage including for use in emergency situation. 

This portable, prefabricated, foldable steel structure has been designed with adequate insulation and water proofing features. 

The structure is modular by design and can be constructed at site to meet the space requirements and site conditions. Known as ‘Karuna Bhawan’ the system, the facility covers an area of 2000 sq ft. The assembly of the structure was completed within 3 days. 

Some of the salient features of the hospital are..  

1. A lightweight steel Portal Frame Structure, of 30.23 Sq.m per module plinth area. It is a prefabricated structure that can be easily transported and assembled at site. There are six modules used for a ten bedded facility

2. The design complies to relevant standards for make-shift hospitals. Makes use of light weight steel portals that are foldable, easy to erect, reusable, safe, comfortable to the occupants and cost-effective 

3. Necessary electric, water-supply, heating/cooling services along with other medical service lines like oxygen supply etc can be integrated with this design

4. Internal Foldable partitions provide freedom of configuration of internal spaces as per actual requirement and use. Each module has 4 Windows and 4 Vents sufficient for cross ventilation of the living area

5. Foundation could be of steel plates anchored to ground through RCC precast or in-situ pedestals over which the Portal frames are fixed 

6. Any change in size is possible to meet the actual use at site   

The KarunaBhawanis designed as a makeshift hospital solution for the patient to provide primary health facility with safety, security and a comfortable living environment and has a long life span up to 20 years. 



Report by: Tapas Bhattacharya


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