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Dr Ashwin Vijay: Aiming to make India a disease-free nation

If this not being noble, then what is? Thinking of the betterment of the society first is what Dr Ashwin Vijay is all about. This virtuous & noble personality is the one people must follow to understand what life can offer & where life can take them if they choose the right path.

Dr Ashwin Vijay is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession practicing in Saligramam, Chennai but is much more than just a doctor. He is a true example to the world that a person can wear many hats all at the same time & work not only for his profession but also for improving the health & life of others. This was also proved when Dr Vijay initiated a wonderful platform called the STRENGTH INDIA MOVEMENT which is a team created by him & working towards passing on useful information to the public addressing various health issues, the precautions people can take & how they can live a disease-free life following the steps as advised by him.

Dr Ashwin Vijay also practices at his orthopaedic center in Saligramam, Chennai called Ojas Ortho. This center is another example by Dr Vijay showing sensitivity & empathy towards his patients that also provides them with tons of advanced orthopaedic and sports medicine treatments. Not just this, Dr Vijay also treats many national & international athletes for their sports injuries & is also a part of the international society of arthroscopy, knee and orthopaedic sports medicine (ISAKOS).

What is even more amazing is that Dr Vijay after remaining so busy with treating his patients takes out time for all of the above things & many other things with the only aim to make this country a disease-free nation & give them the strength to fight diseases with a positive approach in life.  The family of the STRENGTH INDIA MOVEMENT has already grown to more than 2 lakh & this is proof enough to show the authenticity & genuineness of Dr Vijay’s character & intention.

With his motivational speeches & life lessons, Dr Ashwin Vijay wants to show people the right path to overcome all the obstacles they face in life & use his thought-provoking ideas to apply in everyday life. His life-changing videos are a ray of hope for getting fitter day by day, which also nourishes the mind & soul. And, that leads to a greater transformation in life. All thanks to doctors & life coaches like Dr Ashwin Vijay who teaches people to dedicate themselves to become their best versions.

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