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Thursday , January 18 2018
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Divya developed ‘fixation’ while fixing things for Ruchi Aunty

ruchi-family1Udaipur : He was 22. She was 35 and he had ‘strong affection’ for her. So much so that he misinterpreted her friendly and trusting attitude towards him to be love. Divya Kothari, the CA aspirant who was continuously failing all examinations for 3 years, who believed himself ‘unattractive’ due to his hefty figure, spent most of the time inside his rooms between books therefore sought solace in the company of Ruchita ‘Aunty’ his lively neighbor and mom’s best friend. He took delight in playing badminton with her. He loved her watching doing Yoga everyday and would run to her requests for ‘fixing’ whenever things went out of order in her home. He fixed her kids bicycles,  laptop and did umpteen other things in their household. He enjoyed the occasional parties at each other’s home.  He had overheard his parents discussing estranged relationship between Ruchita and her husband KrishnaVallabh Gupta and therefore developed a feeling that ‘Aunty’ liked him. However, his ‘ Chhoti-Si-Love Story’ met a tragic end. It  claimed a life, landed Divya behind the bars, and withered away two happy families.

The cops continued interrogation on Tuesday and claim Divya is not behaving like a child anymore. “ He is absolutely normal and appears remorseful for the act he has done. He says he made the memory loss story so that no one come to know of the real motive of the murder” Chandra Purohit, SHO Ambamata police station and member of the investigating team said. “ I never thought Aunty will say ‘no’ to me. I wanted her badly but she shouted and threatened to tell my parents and I saw no other way to make her quiet” Divya told the police. Divya’s confession is coming as a shock not only for the investigators, but his parents, Ruchita’s husband and the residents of Orbit-1, the apartment in New Bhupalpura where gloom and silence has struck in since the unfortunate incident on December1. Most of the residents still find it hard to believe that the chubby introvert and well behaved ‘Kittu’ could do anything of this kind. “ At the condolence meet held by our residential society, members were dumbstruck. Everyone sympathized with both the families who were good friends but after the incident a sense of insecurity and distrust has perhaps crept in every mind. People are forced to draw a margin for socialization” said Anil Mehta, one of the flat owner.

‘My life is over with Ruchita’, says husband

ruchi-family2The most aggrieved person appears to be Ruchita’s husband KB Gupta who was the prime suspect of murder and been in the police custody for a day until Divya surrendered.  “ We had a love marriage and despite minor issues between us, I loved her the most in my life. I have not spoken to my kids since her death and even could not attend her funeral. I don’t blame Ruchita’s parents for thinking that I killed their daughter. I would have done the same thing if I were at their place. I only want my kids back so that I can look after them” Gupta said breaking out in tears. Meanwhile Divya’s parents have not returned to their flat in the apartment and are reportedly living somewhere else. “ We can understand how hard it may be for his parents to bear the humiliation and most importantly to find their son turn into a killer on whom they had pinned many hopes” a close friend of the Kothari family said. Psychologists feel improper parenting to be the root cause of Divya’s problem. “ Divya’s parents didn’t let him pursue a career of his choice. To add to his woes he was an introvert and felt inferior due to his bulky body and short height. Parents pampered him but had much expectations  from him while he felt Ruchita loved him without conditions. Complex behavior combined with the urge for sexual gratification lead to this incident” opines Dr Gaytri Tiwari, an expert in family relations at the Home Science college, here.


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