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Digital PR boosting digital market amid coronavirus lockdown

However, all was not well for the company during the first 2 years, which had to face many challenges and failures but fought well with all the odds.

Saurav Chaudhary, founder of Savin Communications, faced the challenges with a brave heart and various challenges and failures never let him down.

Saurav is a graduate in Jornalism, his experiences includes: 8 years long in the PR industry,working as a partner in Goldmine Advertising(a famous PR Company,working with government agencies such as CSIR,PFRDA,Noida Authority,working on the political campaigns of political figures in India.

WIth such a vast experince in the PR industry, Saurav decided to set up his own PR company.

In the year 2019, Animesh Kumar, Saurav’s old classmate joined the company becoming its COO. Animesh is a computer science graduate and has 6 year long experience in the PR industry. Today he looks after opeartion and sales part of the company.

Saurav and Animesh, seeing many challenges and drawbacks and also the changing pattern in traditional PR industry decided to step in digital PR system.

Digital PR can be said to be a strategy inorder to increase awareness of a brand using online methods and gives oppurtunity to reach a much broader audeince.

Saurav noticed that by following traditional PR methods , it was really difficult for many startups, individuals and companies to establish network with journalists inorder to get featured in newspapers, magazines, radio or television.

So, he came up with a solution so that the neglected ones too get benefited and help them connect to their targeted customers. However, stepping in digital PR field was not a cakewalk for the company which had its own problems.

Only when the clients of the company started to see the difference before and after venturing in the digital PR world, Saurav could overcome those problems.

The clients noticed that their online presence has increased many folds and they started reaping benefits from digital PR.



Now all existing clients of the company had been requesting for digital coverage. Till date, Savin Communications has published more than 2000 articles for more than 250 clients.

When the honorable PM of India announced lockdown in the country to beat COVID-19, everybody went indoors; mobile and internet became their source for information of the outside world. Almost everybody were glued to their mobile phones and it is at this time that a new growth phase started for Savin Communications which recorded a 30% growth in its business.

During this lockdown clients from various fileds such as fashion & lifestyle, health, finance, Bollywood, etc as well as bloggers and social media influencers, etc. apprached Savin Communications. In addition, the company has launched campaigns where it is looking to get more business in coming days.

Saurav remarks that one can show the worls what he has done and will do in the future through digital PR; afterall we all are living in a digital ecosystem.

According to Saurav, now the valuation of the company is at 6 crores and they are aiming to increase it by atleast two-fold in this financial year.

Till date, no investment or loan has been incurred by the company but now the company is in talks with investors for Series A funding.

The company has also creted a pool of associates from India as well as abroad. It is working with more than 10 PR agencies and 50 associates right now.

The company has created a pool of experinced new writer for writing contents. In addition, they are also working on some websites like theindiansaga.com and thesocialbuddy.com, which would serve as sources of information on latest trends in startup world. The Agency is also working on Influencer Marketing.

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