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Digital Influencer reveals how he found bugs on Facebook and Microsoft

Currently, most of the businesses are going digital creating Pandora of new jobs in the process. This is the time when digital influencers are earning big with their innovative ideas. Today, we are talking about one such youngster Sandeep Gangola, who climbed to the top in such a short span. 
Born on 28th August 1999 in Uttarakhand, Sandeep was always interested in digital media rather than traditional schooling. At the age of 14, he learned everything about Facebook ads, Google Adsense, digital marketing, ethical hacking, traffic handling for websites and channels. 
It’s not that he doesn’t believe in traditional schooling rather he believes that it can make you successful in only a few career choices. However, if you are interested in some innovative field, your talent and hard works are the keys to success. This is why, he chose to invest his energy in social media, as it piqued his interest since his childhood.

After all, social media has the power to make anyone famous almost instantly, as it has a wide reach. One can reach out to lakhs of people if he/she is talented enough. It is also a very good way to earn money. 
Sandeep Gangola started as a blogger and made his career from their onwards. Initially, it took some time for him to reach out to his dedicated user but once he got hold of that he never looked back. He offers quality content through his blogs and Instagram. If you look at what he has to offer through his blogs and Instagram account, you won’t believe that he failed in his Class 12 board exams.

However, he made his failure to his strength and became one of the most popular digital influencers in the country. He has not limited himself to digital marketing, he is also known for identifying bugs for Facebook, Microsoft, and Google.

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