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Did you know how betting on horse races works?

Long before the advent of fancy casinos and lotteries, betting on horse races was one of the earliest forms of gambling. Horse races are a wonderful way of spending your time with friends or family. Watching these beautiful animals perform at the peak of their ability is not just entertaining but also the perfect avenue to enter the world of betting and gambling. You get to spend your day outside, have a good time and win some money while you’re at it, if you’re really lucky. This is a different and unique experience compared to casinos and such and is an enjoyable experience for both novices and experts.

However, as fun as it may be, betting on horse races can still be a daunting and complicated affair. It might be difficult to figure out the different terms and what they mean in horse racing. As a beginner, it might be extremely difficult to choose which is the best horse to bet on, how much to bet and what the horse racing odds are. But don’t let these questions and doubts deter you from not enjoying yourself at a horse race and trying your hand at betting. While luck is obviously an important factor when it comes to choosing the winning horse, a few tricks and strategies can help you increase your chances of winning it big.

How it works

It is best to approach a human teller instead of relying on electronic devices from the very beginning. Moreover, the experience of walking up to the ticket counter and placing your bets to the teller is something no one should miss out on. Human tellers are also faster than the automated ones and ensure greater accuracy too. When you place your bet, you have to mention the following, along with the amount you are betting-

i. Racetrack and race number.

ii. Type of bet you’re placing.

iii. Horse’s program number.

Types of bets in horse racing-

Before placing your bets, it is important to know about the different kinds of bets that you can choose from. Broadly speaking, there are two types of wagers– straight wagers and exotic wagers. Under straight wagers, there are several types, namely, show, place and win. The odds here are modest to high, and these bets are best to go with when you’re a beginner.

For exotic, the types of bets available are called Quinella, Exacta and Trifecta. The odds may be riskier, but the payoff is much more rewarding than the straight wagers.

Some tips and strategies to keep in mind-

With a little practice and a few strategic moves, you too can master the art of betting on horse races and have a rewarding experience. Here are some things to keep in mind-

  1. Always research: While this sounds like a trivial detail that most people tend to ignore or forget about, researching before a horse race gets half the work done. Even a quick glance at the racing program can improve your chances of winning. The form guide will give you all the information you need about a race and the horses competing. Research on whether the horse is a good performer or not. Sometimes, a seemingly unimpressive horse might just steal the show, just like the lesser known companion of the legendary horse Chetak. So, always research before betting.
  1. Bet on multiple races: This isn’t rocket science, the more frequently you bet, the greater your chances of winning.
  1. Control your money: The thrill and excitement of the derby might tempt you to go all out, but it is important to hold your horses (pun intended). Keep aside a separate amount of money that you are willing to bet, this is your bankroll. If you can effectively manage your bankroll then you won’t be facing a cash crunch in case you come upon a losing streak, like everyone else does at some point.
  1. While it is important to research on the horse you are betting on, it also helps if you know a little bit about the jockey and the trainer. Always remember that a good jockey can make all the difference. Also, research on the horse’s previous performances to increase your chances of winning.
  1. If you’re confused about which horse to bet on in every race, just bet on the favorite or the chalk and you will have 33% winning odds, which isn’t bad to begin with.
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