Wednesday , April 14 2021
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Dhanush Artillery Gun to be inducted into Indian Army

After the induction of M-777 ultra-light howitzers in November 2018, its time for country’s first indigenously designed and developed Dhanush gun to be inducted in Indian army.

This is expected to add more firepower to the armed forces. Dhanush Gun system can be employed in all types of terrain and is one of the new generation towed artillery gun system better upgraded features over the existing Bofors.

The gun is capable of firing next generation ammunitions and can accommodate Bi-Modular Charges as well as bag charges.

Electronic upgrade aims to enhance the firing accuracies, laying speeds and provide compatibility with project Shakti, which is Artillery Combat Command and Control System.

The gun is equipped with Artillery gun aiming and positioning system consisting of inertial navigation system and encoders for positioning capability and muzzle velocity recorder.

Its mechanical upgrade results in extending firing range up to 36km.

As a confidence building initiative by Ordnance Factories Board, six guns handed over to the Indian Army for extensive user exploitation in high Altitude and deserts and plains from July 2016 to June 2018.

The gun system has successfully completed all trial parameters and nearly 5 thousand rounds have been fired during the various internal and user trials in different terrains.

Post successful completion of trials and user exploitation, bulk production clearance has been accorded.

Dhanush Gun has undoubtedly emerged as a reliable and robust Gun system at par with the latest in the world and will increase the Fire Power of the Indian Artillery manifold. It is truly a “Make in India” marvel.

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