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Democrat Joe Biden nears victory in U.S. Presidential polls

Amid these assertions, US saw contrasting images of celebrations by Biden supporters and protests by Trump supporters.

Trump team is hoping legal challenges would turn the tide in their favour but Team Biden is reasonably sure of being in striking distance of Presidency.

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden said on Friday that he was going to win the U.S. Presidency, as his lead grew over President Donald Trump in battleground states…

“My fellow Americans, we don’t have a final declaration of victory yet, but the numbers tell a clear and convincing story: We are going to win this race. Just look at what has happened since yesterday. 24 hours ago, we were behind in Georgia. Now we’re ahead and we’re going to win that state. 24 hours ago, we were behind in Pennsylvania, Now, we’re ahead and we’re going to win that state too. We’re winning Arizona. We’re winning Nevada. In fact, our lead just doubled in Nevada. We’re on track for over 300 Electoral College votes.”

Biden’s speech was originally planned as a victory celebration, but he changed his approach, in the absence of an official call from television networks and other election forecasters.

Still, it amounted to a blunt challenge to Trump, who kept out of view in the White House on Friday, as Biden’s lead grew in the four states that will decide the outcome: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada.

Biden said Americans had given him a mandate to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, the struggling economy, climate change and systemic racism.

Trump has remained defiant, vowing to press claims of fraud as his Republicans sought to raise $60 million to fund lawsuits challenging the results. But some in his camp described the legal effort as disorganized, and so far they have not found success in the courts.

While Youth in the heavily Democratic New York City took to the streets to party with a political purpose….as Democrat Joe Biden inched closer to a U.S. Presidential victory.

Around two dozen Trump supporters demonstrated outside of a ballot counting center in Atlanta, Georgia…protesting what they believe is “voter fraud,” after Biden made gains over Trump in the state.

Georgia is headed for a recount with Brad Raffen-sperger, Georgia’s secretary of state, saying with the margin in the presidential race likely to be just a few thousand votes, there will be a recount.

Trump supporters protested in Arizona too… Armed protesters massed outside of a Phoenix-area election center, chanting, “count the legal votes”.

At one point overnight, Trump and Biden supporters briefly scuffled outside the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center.

In Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, dozens of Trump supporters chanted “stop the steal” outside the Bureau of Elections, while more than 100 held a march in Raleigh, North Carolina, calling for election officials to release total votes.

North Carolina’s official counts are not expected until next week.

Meanwhile, Biden supporters gathered just outside the White House, on Black Lives Matter Plaza, to call for all votes to be counted.

Joe Biden may be closing in on the Presidency but Trump is in mood to bow out yet.

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