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Monday , January 22 2018
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Daughter Killer Mother Sent To 15 Days Judicial Custody

IMG-20141026-WA001Udaipur : Rekha Kunwar, the 35-year old lady who was arrested by police here for dumping her two year old daughter into well, was produced before the court on Monday evening who ordered her to be send to 15 days judicial custody. A curious crowd had gathered in the court premises to have a look at the mother who had killed her little child mercilessly. The incident was talk of the town with many people and organizations expressing anguish at the gender biased family.

Meanwhile, the woman in her confession took all the blame on herself and said that no one in the family was involved in the conspiracy as she only had devised the plot to kill her child, police said, Though the cops initially had suspected Ram Singh, her husband to have known about the crime, however, no other names from the family have been mentioned in the charge sheet so far.

“ I was in a state of severe stress and mental depression after the birth of Akshara since she was the third girl in a row and the family believed her to be  manhoos (bad luck bringer). So what should have I done other than dumping her in the well”

wailed the woman while she was interrogated at the Pratapnagar police station on Sunday night. Rekha told the police that her inlaws were not happy of having three grand daughters, therefore Rekha’s sister had taken the second daughter away to her home and had assured her to take good care of the child. Upon Rekha’s statement the police also seized a doll that she had discarded in a nearby field after dumping the toddler in the well. “ Since there was nothing else to be discovered or seized, we asked for the judicial custody that was granted” informed Jagdish, the investigating officer.


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