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Dalljiet took 4 years to agree to enter ‘Bigg Boss’

Mumbai, Sep 30 (udaipur kiran) Actress Dalljiet Kaur says she took four years to agree to be a part of controversial reality show “Bigg Boss”.

“I think technically I took four years to decide because this is the fourth year and now I finally agreed to be part of ‘Bigg Boss’. I am crazy scared. I think scared of the fact that I have to stay away from my son. It will be the biggest challenge for me. I think I want to see how strong I can be I think I have become strong mentally but this will the platform where I can test myself,” said the “Guddan Tumse Naa Ho Payega” actress.

“I’m very scared because I have not stayed away from (son) Jaydon for more than two to three days and this is the first time I am going to be away for a long time. I think this is my only challenge in ‘Bigg Boss’,” she added.

Dalljiet said it’s tough to prepare for such a show.

“I think BB is a platform no one can prepare you for. I have heard that people plan and go inside. But I don’t understand how can you pre-plan and prepare when there are others living with you. I just want to be myself and want to explore myself in this situation,” she said.

–udaipur kiran


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