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COVID-19 recovery rate reaches 91.54 per cent

Presently India’s total active caseload is 5 lakh 70 thousand 458. The active cases have dropped dramatically to only 6.97 per cent of the total positive cases of the country demonstrating a steady falling percentage of the total cases. 

Health Ministry said, this sustained achievement is the result of collaborative action by States and UTs under the Centre’s strategy of comprehensive testing, timely tracking, quick hospitalization and adherence to the Standard Treatment Protocol which has ensured a standardised quality of medical care. 

The trajectory of the active caseload across different States/UTs has been diverse demonstrating their focused efforts and gradual progress in their fight against COVID-19. 

With the consistent decline in the active cases, the cases per million in India are among lowest in the world. India’s average cases per million stand at 5 thousand 9 hundred 30. Seventeen States and UTs have cases per million lower than the national average. 

There has been a steady decline in the number of deaths in India. 470 deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours in the country. India’s death per million population is also one of the lowest in the world and stands at 88. Twenty one States and UTs have death per million lower than the national average. The declining trend of the percentage active cases is commensurately supported by rising percentage of recovered cases. The total recovered cases stand at 74 lakh 91 thousand 5 hundred 13. The gap between Recovered cases and Active cases has crossed 69 lakh and stands at 69 lakh 21 thousand 55. With the increasing number of recoveries, this gap is continuously widening. 

Higher number of recoveries has aided the national Recovery Rate to further improve to 91.54 per cent. 58 thousand 6 hundred 84 have recovered in the last 24 hours whereas the new confirmed cases stand at 46 thousand 9 hundred 63. 76 per cent of the new recovered cases are observed to be concentrated in 10 States and UTs. 

Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra have contributed the maximum to the new recovered cases with more than 7 thousand single day recoveries. Delhi and West Bengal, both have added more than 4 thousand to the new recoveries. 

46 thousand 9 hundred 63 new confirmed cases were recorded in the 24 hours. 77 per cent of these are from 10 States and UTs. Kerala is still reporting a very high number of new cases with more than 7 thousand cases followed by Maharashtra and Delhi with more than 5 thousand cases. 

470 case fatalities have been reported in the past 24 hours. Of these, nearly 78 per cent are concentrated in ten States/UTs. More than 15 per cent of new fatalities reported are from Maharashtra.

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