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COVID-19 recovery rate improves to over 48 %

It said, recovery rate has improved continuously and in the first phase of lockdown, the recovery rate reached to 11.42 percent and in second phase it reached around 27 per cent. During the third phase of lockdown which ended on 18th May, the figure of recovery rate reached to 38.29 per cent.
In a media briefing in New Delhi today, Health Ministry said, however, number of corona cases are increasing in India, but in comparison to the other countries in the world, less cases and deaths have been reported. It said, 14 countries with popular numbers similar to India have reported 22.5 times more cases and 55.2 times more deaths in comparison. It said, surveillance, contact tracing, isolation and timely clinical management have reduced the fatality rate in the country. Ministry said, case fatality was 3.30 per cent on 15th April and now it is at 2.82 per cent which is lowest among the other countries of the world. The worldwide fatality rate is 6.13 percent.
Ministry said, case fatalities per lakh population in India is 0.41 per cent which is low in comparison to world which stands at 4.9 per cent. Health Ministry also refuted claims of under reporting of Covid-19 cases saying that states are doing causality assessment and attributing cause of death accordingly.
Indian Council of Medical Research, ICMR has said that testing capacities are scaled up during the last two months and now 1 lakh tests are being done everyday. It said, total 681 laboratories across India have been given approval to conduct the test for Covid-19 including 476 government laboratories and 205 private laboratories’ chains.

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