Thursday , April 15 2021
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COVID-19: Govt. issues additional travel advisory

The Centre has issued advisory on social distancing. Centre hs already told the states to shut schools, gyms, theatres and encourage private firms to let its employees work from home where feasible in an effort to reduce the possibility of spreading coronavirus infection within the community.

In an advisory to state governments, the Union Health Ministry also asked people to avoid non-essential travel within the country as part of what has been described as social distancing.

The government has spared shopping malls, restaurants and places of worship but asked local authorities to reach out to traders and religious leaders to make sure that people in and around their premises keep a distance of one metre to prevent spread of the infection.

In schools and universities, the government has also advised states to explore the possibility of postponing exams. In case this isn’t feasible, the government told states to ensure that a distance of one metre is maintained between students in the examination hall.


1. Closure of schools, universities, gyms & museums

2. Cultural and social centres, swimming pools, theatres shut 

3. Students advised to stay at home, online education promoted

4. Possibility of postponing exams may be explored

5. Ongoing exams to be conducted only after ensuring distance of 1m amongst students

6. Private sector organisations encouraged to allow employees to work from home

7. Meetings to be done through video conference as far as feasible 

8. Restaurants to ensure hand washing protocol and proper cleanliness

9. Ensure minimum 1m distance between tables in restaurants, encourage open air seating 

10. Keep already planned weddings to limited gathering, postpone all non-essential gatherings

11. Sporting events advised to be postponed 

12. Authorities to have dialogue with opinion leaders, religious leaders to regulate mass gatherings 

13. Local authorities to meet traders associations and other stakeholders to regulate hours

14. Traders to exhibit Do’s and Don’ts, take up communication drive in markets

15. All commercial activities must keep distance of 1m between customers

16. Buses, Trains and planes to maximise social distancing, ensure regular & proper disinfection 

17. Hospitals to restrict family/friends/children visiting patients

18. Special protective measures for delivery men/ women working in online ordering services


In the ongoing Rajya Sabha session, Union health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan praised doctors, paramedics, air staff and all the health officials for working round the clock on ground to save lives and stop spreading the coronavirus pandemic.

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