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Coronavirus Pandemic: Ambubachi Mela at Assam’s Kamakhya Temple cancelled

Even though the Government issued notification allowing religious institutions to open for public on certain conditions from 8th June but Kamakhya Devalaya Management Committee decided to keep the temple closed till 30th June considering the prevailing situation.

Lakhs of pilgrims visit the Ma Kamakhya Temple during the Ambubachi Mela but like every year no pilgrims will be entertained in the Devalaya this year. This time Ambubachi Mahayog will be held at the Devalaya from 22nd June 2020, Monday at 07:53:15am and Nibritii on 25th June on Thursday at 08: 16:55pm. Only the rituals will be performed in the temple and all the entrances will remain closed.

It is well known that the Ambubachi Mahayog is one of the most important religious congregations in the North East and it occupies a significant place from the tourism point of view. However due to the adverse situation caused by the Covid 19 outbreak the Kamakhya Devalaya Management Committee is compelled to take these drastic measures to prevent devotees from coming to this most revered institute.

The management also urged the public not to fall prey of fake websites, FB pages, online shopping companies and collecting money from the innocent devotees for online Puja, prasad,Rakshabasta etc.

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