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Coronavirus Outbreak: China virus deaths jump to 910

China’s National Health Commission  confirmed that  number of confirmed infections in the country rose to 40,171 surpassing the toll from the SARS epidemic of 2002-3. The SARS epidemic, which also began in China, killed 774 people worldwide. 

Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on Monday stated in parliament that India is well prepared to deal with the Novel Corona virus threat and is keeping a close tab on the situation.

The Minister informed the both house of Parliament that Health Ministry is monitoring and reviewing the situation daily and till now 1,118 flights have been screened.

Dr Vardhan thanked Air India and the medical staff who were involved in the rescue mission of Indian students from Wuhan

Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on Monday informed Parliament that India is ready to deal with the threat of coronavirus.

Government is taking several measures to control the spread of novel Coronavirus in India.

The Health Ministry is monitoring and reviewing the situation daily.

The Minister also said that only 3 positive cases have been reported in the country so far in Kerala.

All 3 had a travel history from Wuhan in China.

Later, it emerged that follow up tests of 2 of these 3 cases have shown negative results indicating that the patients have recovered.

Dr Harsh Vardhan also said that travel advisories have been issued from time to time starting the 17th of last month with revisions as and when required.

The Minister also informed that screening of flyers began from the 28th of January at various airports such as Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai and number has now reached 21.

Universal thermal screening has been made mandatory for all flights from Singapore and Thailand besides Hong Kong and China and these flights park at earmarked aero-bridges to facilitate screening.

Over 1.97 lakh flyers have been screened so far disembarking from 1,118 flights.

Meanwhile, the death toll from the outbreak in China has crossed 900, which is more than the deaths recorded during the SARS epidemic nearly 2 decades ago.

In Wuhan, govt buildings have been converted to field hospitals.

People were seen returning to work in Beijing after the extended Chinese New Year break.

China has been getting support from across the world to tackle the coronavirus menace.

The European Union has said it will provide protective gear to China.

Coronavirus cases are still coming from other countries outside China as well.

Coronavirus has been confirmed in 60 more people in Japan.

WHO Head has said that there have been coronavirus cases among people with no travel history to China.

Warning that this could be the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and all countries as yet untouched by the epidemic should be ready to keep it at bay.

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