Thursday , April 15 2021
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Coronavirus continues to wreck havoc in China

Death toll has jumped to 132. Among the confirmed cases, 1,239 patients were in critical condition. In a meeting yesterday with WHO Director General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu in Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping has expressed confidence that China will conquer coronavirus. Dr. Tedros praised China’s quick identification of genome sequence and series of public measures taken towards containing the spread.

WHO said that China has agreed with it’s proposal of sending international experts to China to facilitate better understanding of the novelcoronavirus and guide global response to the disease. WHO is continually monitoring the situation and it can reconvene the Emergency Committee on very short notice as needed. WHO is also launching a Global Clinical Data Platform to allow Member States to contribute anonymized clinical data in order to inform the public health clinical response.

China has said, it is likely to have a vaccine for public use within three months. As per Chinese scientists, the number of people infected with this virus will peak in a week to 10 days and the fatality rate is expected to drop in coming weeks. As many countries have cancelled their flights to China, evacuation process at Wuhan airport has started. 

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