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Corona virus spreads out of Wuhan to other cities as China confirms third death

Chinese authorities have reported 139 new cases in Wuhan in last two days, taking the total number of confirmed cases in Wuhan to 198, raising concerns about the containment of the virus. 2 cases have been detected in Beijing and 1 case has been detected in Shenzhen in the southern province of Guongdong.

Authorities have confirmed death of three persons form the virus till now.

Confirmed cases of infection with the new coronavirus have been found in Thailand and Japan.

There have been 90 suspected cases reported in Hong Kong and some suspected cases in Vietnam and Singapore also. The US and most Asian countries have stepped up screenings of travellers from Wuhan.

China’s Global Times, published by the ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily newspaper, said in an editorial the government needs to disclose all information and not repeat the mistakes made with SARS.

Chinese officials covered up the SARS outbreak for weeks before a growing death toll and rumors forced it to reveal the epidemic. “Concealment would be a serious blow to the government’s credibility and might trigger greater social panic,” the editorial said.

As per local media reports, the outbreak was one of the top trending topics on Chinese social media platform Weibo, where many users expressed concerns about their safety.

China’s National Health Commission on Sunday said the outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus is controllable, in the first statement from the body since the outbreak was reported in late December. It said that close monitoring was needed given that the source, transmission and mutation methods of virus were unknown. It added that it will step up monitoring during Chinese Lunar new year, when much of China’s population will travel to celebrate the holiday next week.

At present, Infected people have been treated in isolation to minimise the risk of the virus spread. Extra checks such as temperature scans have been put in place to screen travellers at airports, railway stations etc. and the seafood market has been closed for cleaning and disinfection. 

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