Monday , April 19 2021
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Corona virus: No case in India so far; Cabinet Secretary reviews preparedness 

There is no case of the virus so far in India but the government is fully prepared.

For Indians in Wuhan, the government has decided to prepare for their possible evacuation, a decision  taken at a high-level meeting chaired by the Cabinet Secretary which carried out a detailed review of the situation arising out of the outbreak of the virus in China.

Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy in China has released a third hotline number.

Special care is being taken by the Indian government too to assure all that all steps are in place should the need ever arise to respond to any situation in this regard.

According to the health ministry update, no case of corona virus has been found in India.

Meanwhile in China where the virus originally started, the country is racing against time to contain its spread as the death toll rises to 106. 

More than 3,000 persons are infected globally with 41 overseas cases. The Indian  Embassy is in talks with China for evacuation of Indians there.

The  Embassy has been urging Indians in wuhan to provide all their details so that formalities with chinese authorities are complete. This is a basic requirement for any eventual evacuation.

Hubei has suspended application of ordinary passports and exit-entry permits for Chinese persons. However, according to the National Imigration Administration of China, special channels will be opened for individuals who have to leave the mainland for urgent reasons. 

Authorities in Hubei Province have said that all medical expenses of patients infected by the virus will be covered by local governments.


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