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Corona virus: Health ministry issues advisory for those visiting China

The Health Ministry said that an infection with a Corona virus has been reported from China and till 11 Januray, 41 confirmed cases and one death have been reported.

In its advisory, the Ministry has suggested to the people to observe good personal hygiene, avoiding close contact with people who are unwell or showing symptoms of illness like cough and running nose. Besides, it has also suggested to the people to avoid travel to farms, LIVE animal markets or where animals are slaughtered.

Recently, coronavirus have been detected by the Chinese authorities. According to state media, scientists of China have identified a previously unknown type of coronavirus as the cause of recent pneumonia outbreak in the city of Wuhan.

There have been 41 laboratory-confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, One of the patients has died.

According to WHO, a Chinese national travelling in Thailand was the first confirmed case of coronavirus infection outside China on 13 January 2020. The full genome of the new virus has been posted by the Chinese authorities and it has been named as ‘novel coronavirus 2019’.

Meanwhile, U. S. newspapers have reported on Friday that travelers arriving from Wuhan will be screened at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport, as well as San Francisco International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.

The coronavirus disease is connected to a seafood market in China. It is said that coronavirus belongs to the same family as the SARS virus.

Let us understand ‘What is Coronavirus?’

Symptoms of Coronavirus disease

– Headache

– Runny Nose

– Cough

– Sore Throat

– Fever

– A general feeling of human unwell

– Sneezing

– A rare cases of Fever

– Exacerbated asthma

– Fatigue

– Sometimes it also causes pneumonia, bronchitis

Treatment: Coronavirus

– Regular hand washing

– During coughing and sneezing, cover mouth and nose

– Properly cooked meat and eggs

– Avoid contact from the person showing symptoms of respiratory illness

– Do proper rest and avoid overexertion

– Drink enough water

– Avoid smoking and smoky areas

– Take medicine to reduce pain and fever

– Use a clean humidifier or cool mist vaporiser

How does coronavirus disease spread?

– While coughing and sneezing, an infection spread into the air and spread the virus

– While touching or shaking hands with an infected person can also pass the virus

– Making in contact with a surface or object that has a virus and while touching nose, eyes or mouth

– Rarely, coronavirus may spread through contact with feces


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