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COP14: Delhi Declaration adopted to combat land degradation

The Conference of Parties 14 of the United Nations convention to Combat Desertification concluded in Greater Noida on Friday. The 12-point Delhi Declaration agreed to by the parties at the conclusion of Conference raises ambitious targets with a people’s first approach to land restoration. Among the main points are


1- Promoting projects to prevent land degradation at local, national and regional levels

2- Promote projects to prevent drought and erosion, and to make barren land cultivable

3- Plan to prevent drought, so that land degradation can be prevented

4- Creating green jobs by promoting technology and investment in collaboration with all stakeholders

5- Need to work towards preventing land degradation taking forward Paris Agreement

6- Implementing UN Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030) program on behalf of all countries

7- To further programs initiated by African countries to prevent land degradation 

8-  Peace Forest Initiative benefits accepted. Appeal to work together to prevent land from becoming barren

9 –  Appeal to make local governments more accountable to prevent land degradation and make right to land transparent

10 – To make local governments more accountable for maintaining natural resources and ecosystem

11- COP-14 member countries appreciate India’s efforts

12- PM Modi’s efforts to achieve the major goal of land restoration and increase south-south cooperation were praised

The 12 day conference saw intense discussion on many important points. It prepared a roadmap for the future on how to prevent land from becoming barren and how to restore it to a cultivable state.

Representatives of 197 countries participated in the conference. India will preside over the conference of parties for 2 years. India has been playing an important role in increasing environmental protection and preventing desertification. The country has witnessed many significant changes as a result of proactive policies.

Prakash Javadekar appreciated the discussions at COP14.  He said the Delhi Declaration will help in preventing desertification by detailing steps to be taken by every country.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also addressed the plenary session of the COP14. He placed India’s strong and purposeful agenda before the world. India has about 17 percent of the world’s population and only 2.4 percent of the world’s land mass. Efficient use of the land is necessary to prevent land degredation. The steps taken by India in this direction will not only bring changes at home, but become a pathway for the world.

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