Monday , November 29 2021

Common Mistakes We Make When Cleaning the Mattresses

One of the most common mistakes that I see people make while cleaning their mattresses is that they use the wrong cleaning agents. Many of us end up using the wrong kind of cleaning agents which in most cases are not strong enough to clean the mattresses without causing damage. The reason why this happens is that most people do not follow simple rules or instructions that come with the mattress. If you want to avoid making these mistakes when cleaning your mattress, read this article carefully. 

One rule you need to follow when you buy or get a mattress on rent is that wet or damp places should be avoided. Wet mattresses tend to gather dust and therefore create more harm when it comes to cleaning. You need to be extra careful while cleaning your bed because you don’t want it to get damaged due to this positioning. 

Another common mistake that people make while cleaning the mattress is the use of water when the need arises. Water can cause serious damage to your mattress especially when the mattress cleaner gets into the fibers of the mattress. Some people use too much detergent while washing their mattress. If you use too much detergent you may end up ruining the fabric of the mattress sooner than expected. 

Another common issue that I often come across is the use of too much bleach while cleaning the bed. This is another mistake that you should avoid. Bleach can cause serious damage to your bed mattress ,not just in terms of appearance but also in terms of health. Bleach is made up of different chemicals and you can end up having problems breathing. If you suffer from asthma, you should avoid using bleach during bed cleaning as it can cause you to suffer from asthma attacks. Bleach is not just dangerous for adults but also for children. If one is not willing to go through this process of maintainence, then it best option to get a bed on rent. 

Many people use the dry cloth to wipe their bed in order to avoid getting the spills on the mattress. But this can make matters worse. A lot of times the cloth wipes off the spills but the damage has already been done as they leave a permanent mark on the mattress. It is best to use some soap or laundry detergent to do your cleaning job on the bed instead.

 Another big mistake that people commit is the use of harsh detergents while cleaning their beds. The detergents that are used for cleaning the fabric of the bed can be very strong to the skin. Using such detergents can cause dryness in your skin. It can also cause some irritation on your skin. So, it is best to choose a mild detergent for cleaning your bed and mattress instead. 

People also tend to ignore the instructions given with the Mattress Pad. Sometimes, the instructions may state that the dry cleaner should not be used. Some other times, the instructions may not mention anything about not to use any dry cleaner at all. Instead, there are some other things that you need to consider when handling the mattress. First off, never, ever rub the mattress with any kind of abrasive materials. 

It would also help if you could avoid dropping the mattress onto a rough surface such as the bed floor. If you do drop your bed, you will definitely have to suffer from the stain marks. So, what are you waiting for? Start following the tips listed above, so that you will be able to maintain your mattress in its best condition. This way, your bed will last longer than you expect.

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