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Monday , January 22 2018
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City Palace wore a majestic look on Holi

Udaipur. Colours ruled the City Palace, residence of Udaipur’s erstwhile royals on the occasion of Holi here on Thursday . The majestic palace wore a festive look as the royal family held an elaborate function on the occasion. Adding to the atmosphere were the folk artists dressed traditionally playing the chang and thap. Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar the head of the family came riding in a Baggi “ Naubat ki Aaswari’ from Shambu palace to the Manek Chowk where the celebration was held with much fervor. He was given the guard of honor by the private battalion of the royal force.

Photo-1Holi is the festival of colours and Holika Dahan is celebrated the evening before the festival. It is also the festival of spring. On Holika Dahan, the pious fire was lit on the full moon night of Phaguna (one of the 12 months in the Hindu calendar). According to Hindu mythology, the pious fire demonstrates the triumph of divine power over demonic strength.In Udaipur, it is at the Manek Chowk where Holika Dahan is celebrated and watched by guests seated at the darikhanas or bay areas of the City Palace, overlooking the Manek Chowk. They witnessed the conducting of time-honoured traditions by the Custodian and Family-members of the House of Mewar, who demonstrate their respect for all humanity by honouring men of faith, tribal and local community members. Holika Dahan festival is representative of the vision of Eternal Mewar which is facilitating the preservation of the living heritage of Mewar in the twenty-first century.


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