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China completed genome sequencing of COVID-19 newly found in Beijing

Gao Fu, head of China CDC, said at a meeting in Beijing that the center will carry out resolute measures to curb the spread of the virus when briefing on the center’s efforts in confronting the unexpected outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Beijing.

The Xinfadi, a wholesale farm produce market in southern Beijing’s Fengtai District that supplies 70 percent of the capital city’s fresh produce, and one of the places the Thursday’s case went to, suspended operation on Saturday due to newly confirmed infections.

China CDC launched P3 lab, known as grade three bio-security laboratories, and dispatched an-eight medical team to national health commission on related researches on Friday, in the consideration of the epidemic prevention and control.

The lab, with superior detecting capacity and efficiency, can work 24 hours on nucleic acid test and finished testing over 1,000 samples.

On Saturday, China CDC completed investigations and analysis on the whole genome sequencing of virus and submitted the preliminary result. The center is trying its best to trace the origin of the virus.

Moreover, the CDC emphasized at the meeting that it will devote more efforts, both in personnel and technique, to origin tracing, transmission, cases inspection, risk evaluation, as well as epidemic prevention and control, in an attempt to avoid imported cases and domestic resurgence.

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