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Smartphone: By Amitabh Bachchan

In the 90’s on a private visit to the BigApple; the city that never sleeps – NYC, New York USA – when the mobile was in its early prevalence, but not in its supreme, the Contact list had an ‘h’ after the name ..   The ‘h’ was for ‘hand’.. ... Read More »

[Young Innovators India] Celebrating India’s Bright Young Minds

India is a land of innovators. Our sharp mathematical minds are valued worldwide – Indians form a chunk of software professionals in Silicon Valley, and everywhere around the world.   At Samsung too, the brightest minds from the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and other reputed engineering colleges join us ... Read More »

SmartThings, IoT will Shape Your Future Home Office

Working from home is not easy. Kids merrily amble in while you are on a VC, family members come calling, doorbells interrupt important discussions, and not to forget, the network gives away just when you were making a super point to your boss.   The world is currently learning the ... Read More »

Useful Tip for Smooth Performance of your Washing Machine

Grappling with all the household chores? Here are some quick tips to ensure that your washing machine is running efficiently. Useful Tip for Smooth Performance of your Washing Machine   As our service teams can’t reach you right now and scheduling product maintenance is currently difficult, here are some easy ... Read More »

Working from Homes: Challenge, But A Learning Intern!

Every spring, bright young students from B-school campuses across India head to the corporate world for internship. At Samsung India, we await these bubbly millennials every year, as they infuse our offices and meeting rooms with new Josh.   This year is no different, only the rules have changed!   ... Read More »

6 Useful Things Your Galaxy S20’s Camera Can Do for You

The Galaxy S20 has been receiving a lot of attention for its innovative camera experience granted by such capabilities as Space Zoom and Single Take, as well as its super high-resolution sensors, video capture in stunning 8K resolution and other leading functions.   But beyond just offering these innovative camera ... Read More »

A Day With My Galaxy: How to Get the Best Out of It

As you read this, you are one among several million people around the world working from home! At the turn of the century, such a scenario would have been difficult to imagine; not today, thanks to the smartphone we hold in our hand! Mobile devices and smartphones have truly transformed ... Read More »

Bengaluru: A Cocktail of Art, Architecture, Culture & Technology

Bengaluru is India’s Silicon Valley. It is home to three quarters of the country’s total IT workforce of 2.5 million, being one of the vital engines that run the economy. The city also prides itself of hundreds of successful startups, across sectors.   But before IT came to the city, and before ... Read More »

[QUICK TECH] My Smartphone, My Precious Companion: Mala Bhargava

My career in technology journalism spans over two-and-a-half decades, but my love for gadgets started even before that.   My dad was the real techie in the family, responsible for us all developing a lifelong curiosity about technology. He would make sure that any new gadget invented soon found their way ... Read More »

Our Response to COVID-19

To the global Samsung community,     As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, our thoughts are with each and every one of you. We know this situation has affected each of you differently and that COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on our society. Despite this challenging time, ... Read More »

Useful Tip To Get Your Air Conditioner Summer Ready

Summer’s round the corner and your AC needs service. As you’re home, and our service teams can’t reach you right now, here’s a useful tip that will help you get summer ready.   Let’s begin by cleaning the AC filters.   The air conditioner’s filter removes contaminants such as smoke, ... Read More »