Tuesday , October 23 2018
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20 ways to promote your website

We’re all familiar with the term ‘one hit wonder’, and many artists or groups have had huge success with a single song, then subsequently nosedived into commercial oblivion with their following tracks. The lifecycle of a website can be disturbingly similar, at least to a point. There’s a kind of gravitational force which acts on ... Read More »

Intel, ESL and the future of esports in the UK

Last week, over 300 leading figures from sports, technology and esports attended the biggest esports business conference in Europe: ESI London. During the two-day conference, the esports industry’s best and brightest took part in discussions and debates surrounding the most pressing issues facing their field.  The primary focus: what does ... Read More »

The ‘lazy’ option: Should you let a third-party outfit manage your website?

Read enough business journals, and you’ll encounter the expression ‘core business’ on a regular basis.  The phrase refers to the part of the company that creates, produces or services those things which are the intrinsic reason that the business exists. Most firms have departments like human resources and accounts that are important in operational terms, but ... Read More »

10 innovative toys your kids should be playing with

Main image: Anki's Vector robot The advent of cheaper processors and some clever software flourishes has meant that we're seeing a huge rise in connected toys that interact with children, as opposed to those children simply play with – and there's a smart element to these toys that elevates them ... Read More »

Inclusive innovation: designing a better future for everyone

Our lives are led by, organized by, and drenched in, technology. But for a person with no major disabilities it’s easy to forget the needs of those who can’t see, hear or move quite as well as others.  Are today’s tech innovations ready for people with special requirements? And if ... Read More »

Blockchain breakthroughs – just how much can the tech do?

If you've been following the technology space over the past year or so, you can't have failed to notice increasing talk about blockchain. First implemented in 2009, the technology consists of 'blocks' that hold batches of timestamped transactions, with each block linked to the previous one through cryptography, thus forming ... Read More »

Johnsons Photopia placed into administration

UK photographic services company Johnsons Photopia has gone into administration. The owner of JP Group, which comprises JP Services and JP Distribution, stopped trading on Tuesday (25th).  A notice on the company’s website reads: Joint Administrators, W John Kelly and Gareth Prince who were appointed as Joint Administrators of the ... Read More »

Vivaldi 2.0 introduces secure syncing across devices

Vivaldi has launched a new version of its super-customizable browser, Vivaldi 2.0, with stacks of new features to tempt web users away from mainstream options like Firefox and Chrome. The biggest addition is Vivaldi Sync (activated via the cloud icon in the browser's status bar), which synchronizes your browser data ... Read More »