Monday , November 29 2021


Shubham and Khushi were selected the Mr and Miss Pharmacy 2019

Udaipur : The students of B Pharmacy II organized the Freshers Party at BN Gymnasium for the students of B Pharmacy I this is informed by Dr. Yuvraj Singh Sarangdevot, Principal of BN Pharmacy College at Bhupal Nobles University, In this beautiful program, more than one of colorful performances tied ... Read More »

How Cross-Trainer Help In Burning Fat?

The cross-trainer is tested and powerful of the cardio machine. This machine almost earned its place in pretty much every Gym center, and your home exercise center would readily invite it as well. But the question is, how it helps in burning fat? All cardio activities give a reasonable standard ... Read More »

Gorgeous bikini model Demi Rose’s stunning pictures

Demi Rose is known for her bikini shoots, who has conquered Instagram with her charming personality since the age of eighteen. She rose to fame by posting a string of amazing photos on social media and now has a full-time modelling contract with US publicity group Taz’s Angels. Demi is ... Read More »

Answers to common questions on the United States Immigration

There have been a lot of questions asked about immigration in the United States. Most of these frequently asked questions are not well answered which is the reason why a lot of immigrants have been misinformed or uninformed about the right thing. A lot of immigrants have experienced visa denials, ... Read More »

Complete solutions for a charming matrimony reception gown

Is there any uncertainty about what to wear in a marriage reception? Don’t be embarrassed, here are certainly all the details that you require; just check how the dress arrangements are articulated. If the garment is black or has a strap or fancy belt, it is a fast retreat to ... Read More »

How to go for the right lipstick shades

Taking care of lips and finding the right lip colour to flaunt may sound very complicated and tough but it is actually not. Here are some basic things to follow if one wants soft lips and try to choose the right colours to fill then up. One should always exfoliate ... Read More »

Best hotel in the world is a The LEELA Palace

 Udaipur. New York’s world-famous travel magazine ‘Travel + Leisure’ has released a much-awaited list of the Best Hotels and Resorts Awards for the year 2019. In the list of the best -100 hotels in the world, the number one title has been given to Udaipur’s Five Star Luxury Hotel & ... Read More »

4 Timeless and Ageless South Indian Bridal Necklace Designs

I was browsing through some old photo albums the other day. And I was just thinking how carefully these memories had been preserved. In today’s digital age, we just take our pictures and photographs so easily, so casually… And someone stores and preserves them all in a cloud somewhere! Sigh… ... Read More »

A Seasonal Dessert: 5 Summer Special Birthday Cakes  

When it comes to birthday cake ideas in summer season, it’s all too easy for small fancies to run wild. There is an overabundance of themes; favorite characters to be described in icing, and don’t forget the need for bright colors and vivacity in edible form. Whether you’re going all-out ... Read More »

Mouni Roy makes a breezy appearance at the airport

The stunning ‘Naagin’ of small screens Mouni Roy made her smashing debut last year in Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Gold’. The gorgeous face is a popular TV actress and has successfully ventured into showbiz with a massive fan following. She has a style of her own and was recently clicked at ... Read More »

Gift Ideas That Can Sparkle Your Relationship

Be it your anniversary, her birthday, some big accomplishment or no reason at all. Selecting a gift for you girl can be a tough task sometimes, right? Sometimes she may like what you’ve got for her, other times; she may actually feel like exchanging it for something better. So here ... Read More »

5 advantages of using adjustable computer tables

In today’s generation of web 2.0 when everything is done digitally and virtually, it is really important to get the proper furniture required for such devices. It is no news that these devices have the power to constrain our eyes and even cause certain health problems. A modern day solution ... Read More »