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Cannes: India being positioned as major post production and film shooting hubs

At the India Pavilion, deliberations are taking place on Indian films and film industry. 

The Indian delegation is in talks with delegations from other countries.

On the table are proposals to forge a close bond between Indian and world cinema and expand co-operation in films beyond national borders by exploring co-production opportunities.

The Indian delegation held talks with film-makers from Israel.

In discussions with Film Commissioners of countries participating in the festival, the Indian Delegation has been highlighting the possibility of India emerging as a major post production hub and a hub for shooting world class international movies by forging bilateral co-production agreements leading to new markets and wider audiences.

In an apparent endorsement of the growing influence of Indian films, Israel has proposed India as the focus country in Jerusalem Film Festival, 2020.

Indian actors are frequenting the India Pavilion. National award winner Kangana Ranaut visited the India Pavilion and discussed a range of issues…with Indian representatives.

Lyricist and CBFC Chairperson Prasoon Joshi too was among the visitors at the India Pavilion.

The head of the Indian delegation Amit Khare endorsed Kangana’s views.

Internationally acclaimed actor Tannistha Chatterjee appreciated The India Pavilion.

While no Indian film may have made it to the Competition Category, 2 films made in Jharkhand are showing their impact at Cannes.

In a proud moment for India,  2 regional films ‘Lohardaga’ & ‘Phulmania’ were screened in the festival.

At Cannes, India is also promoting the golden jubilee edition of the International Film Festival of India to be held later this year in Goa.

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